[Zope-dev] RFC: Site -> Locus

Martijn Faassen faassen at startifact.com
Thu May 28 09:11:22 EDT 2009


Roger Ineichen wrote:
>> What do people think about:
>> * the idea of renaming Site to Locus
> Oh my god, many -1

Motivations beyond "oh my god"?

One reason Locus might be a bad word is because it's easily confused 
with "Location", a concept we already have.

> What I like to see is that we remove the default Folder
> container and simplify the hole implementation.

I'm proposing we separate the folder implementation from the basic site 
functionality. It will then become easier for people to ignore the 
folder implementation and not use it, while we retain backwards 
compatibility for those who do need it.

> I think a dependency cleanup and split the same old bad 
> concept into different packages is not usefull right now.

What is the "same old bad concept"? Details?

> Are you aware of all the overhead we have in zope.site
> right now?

Since I actually assembled these things into zope.site, I have some 
awareness of what is in there.

Could you actually point to specific points in the zope.site code? It's 
not a lot of code, after all. I'm proposing we move some of this code 
into zope.component, and the rest into zope.container (or we could leave 
it in zope.site for now). Where is the overhead we can safely remove?



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