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On Thu, 2009-05-28 at 17:00 +0200, Martijn Faassen wrote:
> Hey,
> [...]
> P.S. As of this point I'm dropping my proposal to rename anything to 
> anything. Let's indeed focus on the wider discussion (as indicated by 
> Roger and Jim)

(I'm not directly proposing a naming here, I'm just dumping my thoughts
on how I think about 'sites' which happen to include a name.)

I've been thinking about the concept of 'site' and 'locality' with the
terms 'context' or 'focus' for a while to avoid CMSish jargon for my
non-CMS applications.

In my understanding a context provides deviating policies for the
application based on the context's location in the object graph. Let me
give you a short example how I use this: in one of our applications we
have companies, facilities and people.

The application itself provides some global (most times technical)
policies, e.g. which views are attached where and what permissions are
protecting what attributes. In addition to that when working in the
context of companies we can access company-specific services like
financial systems interfaces, company-specific statistical parameters,

On the level of facilities we still use the same financial system as the
company does, but we allow to change statistical parameters for the
facility. Person objects do not introduce policy changes but are located
within a facility and will thus inherit the policy from them based on
them being located within a facility, within a company within the

I find this pattern to be pretty neutral WRT the web or to locations (as
we know them from zope.location).

This is basically my 0.02 EUR on the topic.

Unfortunately, I do have to point to a naming thing: the component
lookup methods already support an argument to say where to look for
registries: it's called 'context'.


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