[Zope-dev] Testrunner option for running tests in random order?!?

Jonathan Ballet jonathan.ballet at securactive.net
Tue Nov 3 05:21:23 EST 2009

Hello Christian,

On Tue, Nov 3, 2009 at 11:07 AM, Christian Theune <ct at gocept.com> wrote:
> [...] btw: do you log the seed if
> you generated one?)

Yep, the seed is displayed at the end of tests, so that it can be
reused to reproduce a failing test.

    $ ./bin/test --shuffle -cvvv
    Running tests at level 1
    Running zope.testing.testrunner.layer.UnitTests tests:
      Set up zope.testing.testrunner.layer.UnitTests in 0.000 seconds.
      Ran 257 tests with 0 failures and 0 errors in 21.908 seconds.
    Tests were shuffled using seed number 321854366611

I already find it *very* useful ...



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