[Zope-dev] A note on the PyCon Program committee.

Chris McDonough chrism at plope.com
Tue Nov 3 16:48:03 EST 2009

Gary Poster wrote:
> I had a "rethinking interfaces" talk accepted.  It's about the positives 
> and negatives of zope.interface and zope.component, driven primarily 
> from the perspective and experience of the Launchpad team, and myself in 
> particular; and about changes that might be made or differences we are 
> interested in.

That should be interesting.

> It is an advocacy piece only in the sense that we are saying that, 
> by-and-large, we like what the packages give us, but it is more 
> challenging than that.  It's an interesting pairing to Jeff Shell's 
> invited talk, which appears to cover some of the same ground from more 
> of an advocacy/tutorial perspective.  I was honestly a bit surprised 
> that mine was accepted when Jeff's was already scheduled, but maybe mine 
> is "the dark side" version of his talk. :-)

It's Jeff Rush..

- C

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