[Zope-dev] Wanted: representatives from Zope 2, grok, and BlueBream to engineer ZTK 1.0 release

Christian Theune ct at gocept.com
Mon Mar 29 10:08:59 EDT 2010

Hi everyone,

on the way towards a ZTK 1.0 release we first looked for a single 
volunteer release manager who would drive the process.

As no one stepped up and no (serious) nominations were presented the 
discussion went back to the drawing board and the plan was changed a 
bit: we'd like to go with a (small) team of representatives from the 
large ZTK consumers, namely: Zope 2, grok, and BlueBream.

I assume at least someone from every project is listening here, so I 
suggest the following:

* grok and BlueBream: please check within your own sub-communities for
   someone you'd like to represent you in the draft of what the ZTK 1.0
   should look like and who is willing to help with it.

* Zope 2: In theory I'd suggest the Zope 2 release manager. In practice
   I'd like to nominate Hanno because he's been very active with Zope 2
   recently and already has done work on the ZTK before. (Hanno: sorry.

We don't have a complete set of tasks/issues for the release yet, 
however, here's a few:

* Find a definition of 'ZTK release' that fits all consumers
* Establish actual task list and work on it
* Ensure we have windows binaries

We don't have a schedule to follow, but I think we can get started 
within the next weeks (read that "as soon as we have the staffing issues 
out of the way").


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