[Zope-dev] Zope2 - Release Manager

Hanno Schlichting hanno at hannosch.eu
Wed Mar 31 08:39:38 EDT 2010

Hi there,

I was in too much of a good mood while having some vacation. So I
thought I need more work to do :)

I'd like to step up as the release manager for Zope2 for the 2.12 and
2.13 (trunk) releases.

I've gotten an overwhelmingly positive response to this proposal from
the Zope Foundation board. The ZF board was discussing a general
release manager process. This discussion will become obsolete, should
nobody in the Zope2 developer community have significant objections
against my proposal. Unless there is a real need for it, the Zope
Foundation will continue to stay out of direct decisions on the
development process.


Who am I?

I'm going to assume everyone on this list knows me by now. Should you
have any questions, please feel free to ask.

You know this is Zope2 and not Plone?

Indeed. I hope I have shown in the past, that I'm able to distinguish
between the two. And what is appropriate and sensible for Zope2 with
its many different consumers. Plone might be a major consumer of
Zope2, but it's not the only one. Since I only use Zope2 as a base for
Plone, I do have a certain bias.

Wait, you say 2.12 and 2.13, what about 2.11 and before?

Sorry, I have to pick my playground. The non-eggified Zope2 releases
are very different in their release procedures. I find that process to
be tedious and no fun at all, so I'm not going to spent my free time
on it. Should nobody else step up to act as a release manager for
those releases, they will be unsupported.

Are you a new Andreas?

Nobody can replace Andreas and the tremendous amount of time and
dedication he has shown. Personally I do not care about evangelizing
Zope2 or helping out end-users on mailing lists amongst others. So no,
I'm not going to do all the work Andreas did. I'm only here to help
out as a release manager, whose job it is to get stable releases out.
I do read the developers mailing lists and watch the bug trackers, I
don't read any users mailing list or see it as my job to fix or
respond to every bug anyone reports.

What about that Plone release manager position?

I am currently the release manager for Plone 5. We have clarified the
overall roadmap for Plone 5, and we aren't going to work on any of the
formal release parts for the next 12 months or longer. The current
focus is on the Plone 4.x release series, where Eric Steele serves as
the release manager. So while I'm going to keep my post as a Plone
release manager, it currently doesn't involve any time commitments.

What about Zope 2.14 or beyond?

Nobody knows yet. We will see once we get there. My formal commitment
is for 2.12 and 2.13.

Are you insane?

Maybe a little bit. But seriously if anyone knows anyone else who
would be interested in this job, speak up. I haven't seen anyone else
since Andreas stepped down. And I happen to work for a company which
is 100% dependent on Zope / Plone for their income stream. While I'm
doing this in my spare time, I do have a very real need for Zope2

I'm planning to make a 2.12.4 release on Easter Monday (April 5). You
have until then to ask questions and complain :)


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