[Zope-dev] beta.zope.org (www.zope.org relaunch project)

William Heymann kosh at aesaeion.com
Tue May 10 13:11:16 EDT 2011

On Monday 09 May 2011, Andreas Jung wrote:
> Hi there,
> I am happy to announce that we have made progress
> with the zope.org relaunch project. The first public
> version of the new site is now available under
> http://beta.zope.org

Some technical things I have noted for the site that would increase the site 

The server does not seem to currently be gzipping the content this makes the 
page FAR larger then it should be. This is usually a trivial change on most 

Many of the resources like the javascript look like they have a unique key, if 
that is the case the expiration time and the cache-control maxage should be 
set WAY out in the future. When set far out in the future the browser will not 
even make a connection to see if the content has changed. 

If possible the images used in the css at least should also get some kind of 
versioned urls so they can also be cached indefinitely and just change the 
urls when the data changes.

The page would also be faster and lower load if some of those stylesheets 
could be combined.

You can get this information using yslow for firefox.

Mostly I just want the site to run faster for new and returning users since 
the old site can be pretty slow at times and most of the changes should be 
fairly minor.

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