[Zope-dev] z3c.recipe.filetemplate to support exclude directories

Bruno Binet bruno.binet at camptocamp.com
Tue May 17 11:17:32 EDT 2011


I'm not sure this is the right mailing to talk about
z3c.recipe.filetemplate, so please point me to the official list if
I usually use z3c.recipe.filetemplate with "source-directory = ." so
that every "*.in" file are substituted, but I recently encounter an
error since zope.configuration egg contains both files
configure.zcml.in and configure.zcml, which results in:
"Error: Destinations already exist:
Please make sure that you really want to generate these automatically.
 Then move them away."

I haven't found any way to exclude directories in
z3c.recipe.filetemplate, so I quickly implemented an
"exclude-directories" option to fix that [1], but it would be great if
such an option could be included in a new z3c.recipe.filetemplate
I would be happy to provide a patch if needed.


[1] https://github.com/camptocamp/z3c.recipe.filetemplate/compare/c83b1321c8dc6b41d410...master

Bruno Binet

Camptocamp France SAS
Savoie Technolac, BP 352
73377 Le Bourget du Lac, Cedex

Mail : bruno.binet at camptocamp.com

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