[Zope-dev] zope-tests - FAILED: 17, OK: 91

yuppie y.2011 at wcm-solutions.de
Thu May 26 02:56:06 EDT 2011


Marius Gedminas wrote:
> On Wed, May 25, 2011 at 09:18:46AM -0400, Tres Seaver wrote:
>>> [17]   FAILED  winbot / ztk_dev py_270_win64
>>>         https://mail.zope.org/pipermail/zope-tests/2011-May/041897.html
>> These are all the same bug::
>> -------------------------- $<  -------------------------
>> Error in test testNoTargetLanguage
>> (zope.app.i18n.tests.test_translationdomain.TestTranslationDomain)
>> Traceback (most recent call last):
>>    File "c:\Python27_64\lib\unittest\case.py", line 318, in run
>>      testMethod()
>>    File
>> "c:\buildslave\ztk_dev_py_270_win64\build\src\zope.i18n\src\zope\i18n\tests\test_itranslationdomain.py",
>> line 99, in testNoTargetLanguage
>>      eq(translate('short_greeting', context=context, default=42), 42)
>>    File
>> "c:\buildslave\ztk_dev_py_270_win64\build\src\zope.app.i18n\src\zope\app\i18n\translationdomain.py",
>> line 74, in translate
>>      catalog_names = self._catalogs.get(target_language, [])
>> TypeError: Object has default comparison
>> -------------------------- $<  -------------------------
>> WTF?  We have tests for zope.i18n which pull in code from zope.app.i18n?
>> Not only that, but we have an error being raised from the OOBTree
>> changes Jim landed in October, in a code base which hasn't changed since
>> March.
> Buildout egg caches, maybe?  Insufficient version pinning?  newest = false
> in a buildout.cfg?  Who can tell?

I'm afraid I did break this: I added some sources for ZTK dependencies, 
including ZODB/trunk.

This seems to be wrong in two ways:

1.) ZTK trunk obviously doesn't work with ZODB/trunk, it requires 

I already changed this to make the tests pass again: 
http://svn.zope.org/?rev=121808&view=rev (Maybe ZTK trunk *should* work 
with ZODB/trunk and that needs to be fixed instead?)

2.) maybe the ZTK should be tested with released versions of its 

My goal was to sync the list of sources with the list of versions and to 
make it possible to extend ztk-sources.cfg in similar way as 
ztk-versions.cfg. This way projects like Zope 2 don't have to maintain 
redundant lists.

So instead of reverting my change I propose to make auto-checkout in 
development.cfg an explicit list of all tested packages instead of using 
a wildcard. Or to decide explicitly that we want to test the ZTK against 
checkouts of its dependencies.

Any opinions?



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