[Zope-dev] Cleaning up some bitrot

Tres Seaver tseaver at palladion.com
Sun Dec 21 06:20:24 CET 2014

As a bit of year-end pre-holiday penance, I've been working on getting some
of the larger set of Zope2 dependencies tidied up (largely, getting them to
be testable on Travis).  Because Travis tests against released software
(mostly using pip), and because pip no longer installs alpha or beta
software by default, I'd like to get releases out for a lot of these that
have been stuck in 4.0.0alpha# status for a long time.

I've made 4.0.0 releases the following ones:

- zope.i18n
- zope.intid
- zope.keyreference
- zope.dublincore (4.0.1)
- zope.sendmail

I have zope.error 4.0.0 ready to go, but inexplicably don't have release
rights:  can somebody please grant them?

The main blocker for the rest is zope.publisher:  it has new test breakage
due to a change in the stdlib Cookie module for Python 2.7.9 and 3.3.3.


That breakage is in a relatively new 'LenientCookie' feature, added in a
not-yet-released 4.0.0a5.  If folks who care about that feature don't have
the energy to fix it, I'd like to back it off the trunk, push out a 4.0.0
release without it, and then merge it back onto the trunk for a 4.1.0
release whenever.

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