[Zope-dev] zope-tests - FAILED: 2, OK: 13

Charlie Clark charlie.clark at clark-consulting.eu
Sat Nov 8 14:52:39 CET 2014

Am .11.2014, 01:00 Uhr, schrieb Zope tests summarizer <noreply at zope.org>:

> [1]    winbot / z3c.form_py_265_32

Looks like a setuptools version mismatch, though I can't see where  
setuptools 0.9.5 is coming from. Then again, I also don't understand why  
Python 2.5 is in the PATH.

Traceback (most recent call last):
   File "bootstrap.py", line 159, in <module>
   File "build\bdist.win32\egg\pkg_resources.py", line 728, in require
   File "build\bdist.win32\egg\pkg_resources.py", line 630, in resolve
pkg_resources.VersionConflict: (setuptools 0.9.5  

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