[Zope-dev] Zope 2 bug tracker?

yuppie y.2015 at wcm-solutions.de
Thu Feb 5 12:27:17 CET 2015

Hi Tres!

Tres Seaver wrote:
> On 02/04/2015 06:35 AM, yuppie wrote:
>> What's correct?
>> If the second one is correct: The policy of my company doesn't allow
>> to register for GitHub services. Is there an alternative way to
>> report bugs? Or is reporting bugs now limited to customers of GitHub
>> Inc?
> We are in the process of switching off the Launchpad issue trackers and
> reporting all bugs on the Github issue pages.  Zope2 is currently "in the
> middle" on that:  the released versions were created when Launchpad was
> still the primary location, and we have not finished moving stuff across.
>  The drivers for the move are to simplify the workflow for the
> maintainers (e.g., closing bugs via checkin messages).

So in other words: Any link that points to Launchpad for reporting new
bugs is outdated and someone is working on sorting this out.

If I don't want to become GitHub customer, I have these two options:

- not reporting bugs

- reporting bugs on zope-dev at zope.org until I'm told to stop that

> While I would in theory be happier to have a better alternative to Github
> (e.g., Nick Coghlan's proposal to use Kallithea to host
> forge.python.org), I don't see the will in the community to support that.
>  Zope2's biggets downstream, Plone, has moved all its development effort
> to Github, for instance.
> I just added a branch, `lp:zope2`, which will track the master branch
> from Github.  You should be able to push branches and request merges on
> Launchpad, and can ask for their review here.

Thanks! I'll test that procedure the next time I want to change
something in Zope 2.



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