[Zope-dev] ZCatalog regression: indexing None values

yuppie y.2015 at wcm-solutions.de
Thu Feb 5 13:46:23 CET 2015

Hi Patrick!

Patrick Gerken wrote:
> it should be said that the commit you mention clearly states the change
> you describe, updates the version number to make sure this won't be
> a patch and explains why he changed the behavior. namely to stay
> compatible with BTrees 4.

Correct. That's why I didn't propose to restore the old behavior.

> Without looking into this more I'd say this is a required update to work
> With Python 3.

I'd say it is no longer possible to store None values in the index, but
it's a different question if the attempt to index them is silently
ignored or if an error is raised.

AFAICS migrating existing code and persistent objects is much easier and
in most cases unnecessary if None values are silently ignored.



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