[Zope-dev] Products.PluggableAuthService always queries all authentication plugins

Johannes Raggam raggam-nl at adm.at
Tue Feb 10 00:44:43 CET 2015

when trying to authenticate credentials, all authentication plugins are
queried for the user credentials. the docs say, it stops when the first
user is found:

but it's implemented differently:
https://github.com/do3cc/Products.PluggableAuthService/blob/master/Products/PluggableAuthService/PluggableAuthService.py#L595 - here the userinfo is added to a userids list, enumerating all activated authentication plugins.

with a admin user defined in in acl_user's source_users authentication
plugin but also having a LDAP authentication plugin ordered after
source_users, it would be convenient to not having to deal with LDAP
connection timeouts, but being authenticated right away.

what's the purpose of having a list of user credentials to be
authenticated anyways?
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