[Zope-dev] Products.PluggableAuthService to github?

yuppie y.2015 at wcm-solutions.de
Tue Feb 10 11:47:13 CET 2015

Hi Johannes!

Johannes Raggam wrote:
> Can I ask for migrating other repos too?

The 7 packages mentioned in the CMF section of
http://svn.zope.org/CMF/trunk/sources.cfg?view=co are maintained by the
CMF community. Please use the zope-cmf at zope.org list for questions about
CMF packages.

> Ideally all Repos, which Plone
> depends on are git managed. I don't know about the CMF products policy -
> AFAIK there was some controversy regarding github.
> I'd love to help migrating, if I can.

I voted against using the services of GitHub Inc. for political reasons.
(I have no problem with using Git, but the Zope Foundation just supports
Git on GitHub or Subversion on its own servers.)

It might be a compromise to set up a mirror on GitHub, as someone tried
with https://github.com/zopefoundation/Products.GenericSetup

But that just works if it is obvious the canonical repository is
svn.zope.org, bugs should be reported to
https://bugs.launchpad.net/zope-cmf and the place for discussions is
zope-cmf at zope.org. And someone has to make sure both copies are in sync
and releases are always made from the authoritative copy.



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