[Zope-dev] CMF on something git like? Was: Products.PluggableAuthService to github?

Charlie Clark charlie.clark at clark-consulting.eu
Wed Feb 18 17:54:49 CET 2015

Hi Patrick,

Am .02.2015, 15:52 Uhr, schrieb Patrick Gerken <lists at patrick-gerken.de>:

> Hi,
> is anybody against moving CMF to
> - gitlab.com
> - git repos on bitbucket.org
> - self hosted gitlab run by me?

I guess the real issue is that the old infrastructure is no longer really  
available. Or, perhaps, it's the people who used to do the work are no  
longer available.

While I'm not as strongly against commercial services as Yuppie is, I do  
share his basic reservations, particularly with respect to Github. I have  
some of my own repositories on Bitbucket, partly because I prefer  
Mercurial for my VCS and partly because I prefer the T&Cs. I know nothing  
about Gitlab, but I think that as you're already hosting Jenkins, the most  
sensible thing would be to take you up on your hosting offer.

> If not, what are prefered options? For the self hosted thing, right now
> I am running two separate gitlab servers for different organizations
> together with my coworker Steffen Lindner. We set up the gitlab Servers
> with Ansible and recipes from the debops project. This means, we will
> always just update all the servers to newer versions and the setup is
> reproducible if for any reason we fail to continue maintaining the
> stack.

An exit strategy is always a good idea as at some point in the future you  
are not going to be able to manage the servers.

> From what I can tell the most vocal CMF developers on this matter are
> Yuppie and Charlie, so I CC both of them.

I might be vocal but unfortunately not so active at the moment so thanks  
for bringing this up.

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