[Zope-PAS] Zope2 user id/username semantics

Jens Vagelpohl jens at dataflake.org
Sun Nov 7 06:18:55 EST 2004

> I've attached a patch that corrects username/login semantics for PAS 
> users.
> In summary, the 'login' attribute for a user may differ, depending on
> whether the user was created by 'getUserById()' or 'getUser()'
> Attached is a patch which includes a test case.  All tests work 
> (including
> the new one) after the patch is applied.  The patch is against the CVS
> trunk.
> Is there someone who can review this and check it in?

Could you put this into the PAS collector at...


That way it doesn't languish in some mailing list archive.


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