[Zope-PAS] PAS Caching

Jens Vagelpohl jens at dataflake.org
Mon Nov 8 01:58:29 EST 2004

On Nov 8, 2004, at 3:22, Chris McDonough wrote:

> Jens,
> I've looked at this code and I'm not sure I understand why a special
> "PASRAMCacheManager" type needs to be created and why the 
> "PASCacheable"
> class need to be used to implement caching on plugins.  Could we fix
> whatever is broken about RAMCacheManager instead and use the instruct
> authors to use the Cacheable class instead of PASCacheable?  Is there a
> "frameworky" purpose to specializing these?

I'm subclassing RAMCacheManager to insert a different Statistics view 
and to add a convenience method for invalidating something right from 
that form. There wasn't anything that needed "fixing" per se on 
RAMCacheManager, just changing to adjust to the really different needs 
that exist in this case. As it turns out, the RAMCache model of wanting 
to cache "views" of objects that it wants to be able to traverse to is 
kind of an odd matchup here :/

It's true that my subclass of Cacheable could probably go away - I had 
envisioned it to be the place to hang additional methods. Haven't come 
up with any yet.


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