[Zope-PAS] PropertiedUser

Chris Withers chris at simplistix.co.uk
Tue Nov 23 06:38:27 EST 2004

Just picking up on an old posting...

Jim Fulton wrote:
>> That makes sense, but doesn't quite fit the Zope2 PAS implementation.
>> PropertiedUser defines an optional "login" param to the constructor and
>> supplies a few methods implementing "BasicUser's public interface" -
>> including getUserName()

Is it a particular plugin that does this or is there some interface that 
requires/specifies this stuff? The reaons I ask is that Zope 2's PAS 
SHOULD be interfacially (can I make that word? ;-) ) equivalent to Zope 
3's PAS.

IIUC, this means that the only thing PAS (and therefore Zope 2) should 
care about is the principal id, right?

What are the "few methods" in question and what is the "login" parameter 
to the constructor used for?

Could the person who wrote the plugin and any relevent interfaces comment?



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