[Zope-PAS] "ZODB User Manager" versus "User Manager"

Jock Coats jock.coats at jcsolutions.co.uk
Tue Sep 12 08:22:46 EDT 2006

Good folks,

I've been struggling a little with a knotty problem.  I have a Zope  
2.9.3 server with multiple Plone sites.  And I have multiple Zope  
2.9.3 servers to compare as well.

In server 1, I have one Plone site that uses Active Directory.  And I  
want another site that uses locally created and stored groups.  And I  
want to add a user that is not the emergency Zope user that has  
manager access to the whole lot.

In my other servers, the acl_users has "ZODB User/Group/Role Manager"  
plugins.  But in the server that uses Active Directory in one of its  
sites, it has "User/Group/Role Manager" plugins.  The former appear  
to be called "users", "groups" etc and the latter "source_users" and  
"source groups".

My emergency user appears in the "users" plugin in the other servers,  
but does not seem to exist in any of the plugins in the server that  
has AD activated.  Also, in the server that has AD activated in one  
of its Plone sites, the AD plugin is also in the root acl_users.   
Should it be there?  Or can I delete it?  It seemed last night, but I  
may just be getting hopelessly confused by now, that if I did  
something in the root acl_users it appeared in the Plone site's  
acl_users, but I just now created another Plone site in that server  
and it seems to have picked up a default set of plugins, but again,  
it uses "source_users" and not "users".

Does this make sense to anyone?

What is the difference between a "ZODB User Manager" and a "User  
Manager" plugin?  It appears I can't have both a "ZODB User Manager"  
and the AD plugin - if I activate the ZODB User Manager I get  
oddities such as taht when I next go into any plugin I just get the  
message "There are no transactions that can be undone".

I think for the moment I am not going to worry too much about  
creating a superuser at the ZMI level - I'l create one in each Plone  
I can use.  I'm just terribly confused!



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