[Zope-tests] UNKNOWN : Zope-trunk Python-2.6.8 : Linux

Zope2 Tests zope-tests at epy.co.at
Sun Jan 13 09:06:30 UTC 2013

Zope2 Tests : UNKNOWN
Zope-trunk Python-2.6.8 : Linux (x86_64)

Running ./bin/alltests --all
/home/stefan/autotest/zope_runtests_4.sh: line 13: ./bin/alltests: No such file or directory


Results of the buildout step have been included below for debugging purposes

Running /usr/local/python2.6/bin/python bootstrap.py --distribute
Downloading http://pypi.python.org/packages/source/d/distribute/distribute-0.6.34.tar.gz
Extracting in /tmp/tmpKRduvJ
Now working in /tmp/tmpKRduvJ/distribute-0.6.34
Building a Distribute egg in /tmp/tmpOv5uUU
Error: Error downloading extends for URL http://svn.zope.org/repos/main/zopetoolkit/trunk/ztk-versions.cfg: (0, 'got a bad status line')
Running ./bin/buildout
/bin/sh: ./bin/buildout: No such file or directory

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