[ZWeb] News Item cannot be added to ZCatalog

Maik Röder roeder@berg.net
Thu, 07 Dec 2000 18:26:10 +0100

Hi !

I have a news Item in my Zope.org member folder,


but I can't add it to the ZCatalog.

Error type:  IOError
Error value: [Errno 27] File too large

Traceback (innermost last):
  File /usr/local/zope_soft/lib/python/ZPublisher/Publish.py, line 222,
in publish_module
  File /usr/local/zope_soft/lib/python/ZPublisher/Publish.py, line 187,
in publish
  File /usr/local/zope_soft/lib/python/Zope/__init__.py, line 221, in
    (Object: zi18n)
  File /usr/local/zope_soft/lib/python/ZPublisher/Publish.py, line 171,
in publish
  File /usr/local/zope_soft/lib/python/ZPublisher/mapply.py, line 155,
in mapply
    (Object: manageCatalog)
  File /usr/local/zope_soft/lib/python/ZPublisher/Publish.py, line 117,
in missing_name
  File /usr/local/zope_soft/lib/python/ZPublisher/HTTPResponse.py, line
551, in badRequestError
BadRequest: (see above)

I don't think the file can be too large?

If someone can add this news item to the Catalog for me, that would be


Maik Röder