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Fred Wilson Horch fhorch@ecoaccess.org
Sat, 16 Dec 2000 12:11:31 -0500

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Hi Zope folks,

My non-profit organization, EcoAccess, has decided to switch over our
development to Zope.  In connection with that, we are offering a
volunteer internship program for people who are interested in enhancing
their software development skills while helping us roll out our web

Here's the full announcement, which I have already posted to
zope@zope.org.  We plan to get our development team together in the
beginning of January, and start contributing code sometime in February. 
Our first project will be to understand your development process and
roadmap, so we can become productive members of the Zope community.

Our last group of technology interns took a look at a variety of web
application frameworks, including Enhydra, Open ACS and PHP, before we
settled on Zope.  Thanks for a great free software system that will help
us achieve our mission.

Best regards,

Fred Wilson Horch			mailto:fhorch@ecoaccess.org
Executive Director, EcoAccess		http://ecoaccess.org/
P.O. Box 2823, Durham, NC 27715-2823	phone: 919.419-8354

EcoAccess Volunteer Internship Invitation

Dear kind folks,

If you are

 * computer literate,
 * interested in programming or already a programmer,
 * looking for a volunteer opportunity or an independent study project,
 * eager to publish code and work on a development team, and
 * able to invest a few hours a week between January and May 2001
   reading, writing and documenting open source object-oriented web
   application software (specifically Java, C and Python code for Zope
   running on Linux),

you may be interested in the attached announcement.

Thanks for the bandwidth,
Fred Wilson Horch
Executive Director, EcoAccess
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Spring 2001 EcoAccess Technology Associate Internship

EcoAccess, a public charity working to enhance public understanding
of our natural environment, is offering a volunteer Technology
Associate internship program for people seeking the opportunity to
enhance their software development skills.

Selected Technology Associates will receive a loaner Linux system to
allow them to develop free open source software for the EcoAccess
database-backed web site.

Designed for Associates who have some programming experience,
the internship runs from January 8 through May 4.  Our software is
published on SourceForge and licensed under the General Public

How to Apply

The internship is open to anyone who has any programming experience
or training, with preference to those residing in the Triangle area of
North Carolina.  Apply by e-mail to

 Fred Wilson Horch, Executive Director

Please include the following information:

 * Your name
 * Preferred e-mail address
 * A summary of your education and relevant work experience, if any
 * Your experience with open source software, if any
 * Your other time commitments between January and May

If we are interested in working with you, we will request a code
sample before making a decision whether to accept you into the

More About the Internship

Our Technology Associates will learn how to develop for Zope, a
leading Open Source web application server.  Part of the internship
will be devoted to learning and improving Zope itself, including
documenting aspects of its interfaces.  The other part will be devoted
to writing applications in Python, Java and C to support the charitable
EcoAccess project.

Technology Associates must have at least dial-up Internet
connectivity.  Four interns who are in the Triangle area of North Carolina
(Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill) can receive fully-configured development
machines for use during the internship.  (Associates may also use
their own Linux machines if they prefer.)  The loaner machines are
best described as tomorrow's software running on yesterday's hardware.

Our Technology Associates will get hands-on experience building
object-oriented transactional web applications.  Specifically, our
Associates will write programs in Java, C and Python that run on Linux
and use PostgreSQL databases.

This internship is made possible through the generosity of several
members of the Triangle Linux Users Group (TriLUG) who donated the
hardware for our loaner machines.  We appreciate the help!

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