[ZWeb] Documenting zop.org

Graham Chiu gchiu@compkarori.co.nz
Fri, 9 Jun 2000 21:43:39 +1300

Carrying on from the main list, I think it would be useful to allow
members/visitors to add annotations to product pages etc. as in other
developer sites.  This is a proven technique.

This could be simply done by linking to a sql database indexed on the

The point was raised that there exists other forms of communication such
as the Zwikis.  However, I have found them less useful.  They seem to be
like tribbles - multiplying everywhere ( okay, I have one too, and I'm
miffed that mine is broken ) but often lacking in substance.  Too many
empty pages, too much interference.

Rule of thumb - three clicks in any web site to get to where you want.

I don't believe that wikiwikiwebs as they are now address the main
problem which is to increase the quality of the documentation at the
point where it is needed eg. the product download page, or installation
instructions, or the HTML pages of the developer docs etc.  They may be
more useful as a collaboration tool.

It may be possible to improve the wikiwiki interface so that links are
weighted somehow.  Eg. red links -> lots of content, green -> small
amount of content, blue -> outline only, grey -> empty page ( gotta
watch out for those colour blind guys out there as well :-) ).

Just random thoughts ...
Regards,  Graham Chiu
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