[ZWeb] Products Page on Zope.org

ethan mindlace fremen mindlace@digicool.com
Mon, 12 Jun 2000 17:25:47 -0600

Damian Soto wrote:
> Hi,
> The change to the Products Page is much appreciated.
> also at the bottom of the page under Member Contributed (eg: COMObject).
> Could you remove them from the top of the page?

I don't know what you mean by this.  I have changed it so that if you sort on
anything, the DC products "disappear".

> also use the batch_size instead of 20 hardcoded:
> <!--#in results size=20 start=query_start-->
> Default could also be increased to 30 ?
> Maybe the easiest way to do it is to factor the two tables in
> seperate DTMLMethods, (eg dc_products_tbl and sorted_products_tbl)
> While im complaining mode, here are a couple of minor irritations.(Easy to fix)

Could you send this sort of thing to zope-web or put them in the tracker?
http://www.zope.org/Tracker ... this way they don't fall off of my radar screen.
> * Could you put a index_html method in http://www.zope.org/Wikis
> maybe redirecting to the /WikiCentral/FrontPage ? I like hacking back URL!

What's wrong with http://www.zope.org/WikiCentral ?
> * Could you also put the cvs instruction on the 'new' server someplace ?
> Seems strange that important stuff like this is still on classic.

That's one of the listed bugs, and I'll get to it.
> Also a future feature that would be nice for beginners is
>  syntax highlighting the dtml source  la php.net:
> http://www.php.net/source.php?page_url=/source.php

I can do so
> Is there any reason most of the zope.org site is still using the old ssi syntax:
> <!--#in <!--#var ? (It's confusing for beginners)

Because it was written at a time when that was still the syntax.  As I edit
pages I switch to the new syntax.  This may take a while :)