[ZWeb] karl on greenspun on nielsen

Karl Anderson karl@digicool.com
06 Nov 2000 18:19:20 -0800

Paul Everitt <paul@digicool.com> writes:

> Hmm, can you give some URLs on zope.org that exhibit the horizontal
> scrolling and the big wide empty margins?
> I _think_ the issue is code snippets or URLs that have PRE around them. 
> Unfortunately there's not a lot that can be done on this.  Still, I'd
> like to see some of the examples you've mentioned.

Yeah, the main examples I could find were those with PRE:


...but the wiki header that Ken mentions is annoying, too.

> I think Zope.org reserves a good portion of screen space for the actual
> content of a page.  Perhaps you think the left-hand sidebar should go
> away?

Yes, I'd recommend that.  I don't think that roughly 1/3 of a
reasonable window size, or 1/4 of the window size that I usually use
(because it's so annoying to resize for every rude site that wants to
dictate how wide my window has to be) is a "good portion".

I'd say that it's a browser issue, but it's not - it *should* be, but
until browsers behave, it's *our* problem (I use netscape, BTW).

The "printable page" version is somewhat better, and I've learned to
use that on annoying sites, but I don't think it's good enough.

Karl Anderson                          karl@digicool.com