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<TITLE>          Introduction of  Hai Hua IT</TITLE>
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<FONT SIZE=3D6><P ALIGN=3D"CENTER">Introduction of  Hai Hua IT Personnel =
Training Center</P>
</FONT><P ALIGN=3D"JUSTIFY">   Hai Hua IT Personnel Training Center =
possesses the land about 260 mu(17.33hectares) and the standard =
playground with the normal 400-meter's athletic track. The campus =
computer network has connected with Internet and Cernet. Everybody for =
teaching or studying can get a computer to use.</P>
<P ALIGN=3D"JUSTIFY">   The marks for anything within the campus are all =
expressed in English. All teachers and students must speak and dialogue =
in English. And all broadcasts and room TVs are shown with the programs =
in English version, so as to establish the true English environment for =
studying and working.</P>
<P ALIGN=3D"JUSTIFY">   Every classroom has the area 60m2  and can hold =
40 students. There is assembled the modernized electronic education =
equipment, and the network has connected to every computer in every =
classroom. All classrooms are the 4 in 1 multimedia and multi-functional =
classrooms (computer networks, common-cabled TV(CCTV) with =
double-directional controls, video on demand(VOD) via VCD, =
Teaching-valuation system).</P>
<P ALIGN=3D"JUSTIFY">   All above have strongly guaranteed to realize =
the open-teaching minds. The teachers, no matter who are old or young, =
from China or overseas, and the students learn each other and make =
progresses each other. There exists the thick creative atmosphere.</P>
<P ALIGN=3D"JUSTIFY">   Now the center has several abroad teachers, =
20professors, and 30 associate professors. The other teachers are =
teaching instructors. Besides, the excellent teachers from Hebei =
University, Electricity University of North-China as well as the =
universities at Beijing or Tianjin have become our center's part-time =
teachers. All of these make our center's teaching groups form an =
optimized circle.</P>
<P ALIGN=3D"JUSTIFY">   Our Guiding Principles for running the center =
are "To export the qualified human resources for world's information =
technology(IT) industries".</P>
<P ALIGN=3D"JUSTIFY">   The Center annually enrolls 1,000 students =
graduated from high schools ,who must pass the entrance examinations of =
English, Chinese and mathematics and have the good health before they =
can be enrolled. Beside to force the students to raise their English =
levels of dialogue, exchange and writing, we pay attentions to open and =
enlighten the students' creative ideas. And there have been existed a =
whole educating project of systematical raising.</P>
<P ALIGN=3D"JUSTIFY">   When graduated after 2 years' study, our =
students will become the qualified programmers, analyzers and computer =
engineers in computer industries, especially in software circles. They =
are rich in IT associative knowledge and experiences, and clear in train =
of thought. They have good abilities to connect in English and Chinese, =
and have the extremely powerful desires to create and explore. They can =
suit for the pure English Working environment .At the same time, they =
also have the oriental excellent moral characters of steadfast, =
persistency and faithfulness.</P>
<P ALIGN=3D"JUSTIFY">   In the future five years, we will in succession =
found 10 schools in the same mode with the center anywhere within China. =
Then there will be annually 10,000 qualified students graduated and =
engaged into the world's IT industries.</P>
<P ALIGN=3D"JUSTIFY">   We have founded the closely cooperative =
relations with the India Aptech Inc and  Beijing Jade Software Co. We =
also eagerly greet the same type corporations of India, USA, Canada and =
other countries, who want to keep in touch with us on training =
textbooks, training methodology, and so on. We also hope to keep in =
connection with those corporations who have the needs of the human =
resources on IT, so that we can hold the exact and direct information =
about personnel demands.</P>
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<P ALIGN=3D"JUSTIFY">&nbsp;</P>
</FONT><P ALIGN=3D"JUSTIFY">Address:  Hai Hua IT Personnel Training =
<P ALIGN=3D"JUSTIFY">         Middle Wusi Rd.#168,</P>
<P ALIGN=3D"JUSTIFY">         Baoding City, Hebei Province,</P>
<P ALIGN=3D"JUSTIFY">         P. R. China</P>
<P ALIGN=3D"JUSTIFY">Postcodes: 071051</P>
<P ALIGN=3D"JUSTIFY">Telephone: 0312-3020543(office), =
<P ALIGN=3D"JUSTIFY">          13503389238(GSM)</P>
<P ALIGN=3D"JUSTIFY">E-mail : <A =
HREF=3D"mailto:Zou@China-hh.com">Zou@China-hh.com</A> </P>
<P ALIGN=3D"JUSTIFY">&#9;&#9;<A =
<P ALIGN=3D"JUSTIFY">Web  : http://www.China-hh.com</P></BODY>