[ZWeb] ZIP mailing list doesn't work; eevolute.com bankrupt?

ethan mindlace fremen mindlace@digicool.com
Fri, 13 Oct 2000 06:30:31 -0400

Bjorn Stabell wrote:
> I don't know what happened to eevlute.com that hosts the ZIP mailing
> list.  Their mailman reports ZIP and their own eevolute mailing lists
> both don't exist, and sending email to root, webmaster, postmaster, and
> mailman-owner @eevolute.com all reports "relaying denied".  Submitting a
> form feedback through their website gives a Python run-time error.  Only
> way to contact them is by phone to the Netherlands, which I haven't
> tried.
> Can you host the ZIP mailing list on zope.org instead?  I think
> internationalization is important.

Yes, no problem.  is ZIP the name you want? or zope-i18n to match with
zope-dev, zope- etc


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