[ZWeb] FYI: Font cleanup

Paul Everitt paul@digicool.com
Sat, 02 Sep 2000 14:28:33 -0400

Ahh, I finally, finally got sick enough of the inconsistent fonts and
the huge PRE/CODE fonts that I made a quick fix.  Now <LI> is the same
size as <PRE>, and <CODE> and <PRE> are both 10pt.

Note that the entire stylesheet is stupid and broken.  I can state that
with confidence because I was behind it. :^)

Now that I know 5,000 times more about CSS, I plan to fix it.  Here's
how.  I'll change 'standard_html_header' to:

if authenticated and the member has a property 'css_url':
  set the stylesheet link to point there
  use the current stylesheet

This will:

a. Allow people to tinker with their own stylesheets until we come up
with a better one.

b. Let people customize their stylesheets.

For now, though, it won't change anything for anybody that doesn't know
about this little hack.

Does this sound OK?