[ZWeb] FYI: Font cleanup

ethan mindlace fremen mindlace@digicool.com
Wed, 06 Sep 2000 14:02:34 -0400

Paul Everitt wrote:

> No I didn't.  The fonts have been point sizes all along.  I didn't want to
> make the overhaul to the correct approach that you described until we had
> time to do it in a slow, non-intrusive.  Rather, I just wanted fonts on
> the same page to be consistent with each other.
> Be careful about those conclusion leaps.  It's been a Very Bad
> Thing(tm) all along and that's what I'm hoping to (slowly) correct.

True.  It's just that before, I used to get <pre> & <code> the right
size, & after the change, it was really tiny.  So I changed it from 9pt
to 10pt (i dunno how it got that way) and now it looks the same for
NS4.7, Mozilla, & IEEE users.

> The proposal I made allows us to tinker with a more sane stylesheet
> without affecting everybody.  When we feel we have one that works with all
> browsers, we can make it the official one.

Perfect.  In fact, I'm going to make 2 changes:

if you have a global_css, it gets used in lieu of the default <link>
if you have a personal_css, it gets inserted into the <style> tags in
the page
(thus overriding the global_css).

Note that this is an area that's going to be changing hugely as we move
to zope.org v.3, and this sort of experimentation is going to be
slightly more complicated, as I'll be using CSS2 styles in order to do
some DTML stuff.

So people couldn't replace the <link> tag, but we could let them "into"
the globally defined css file before the interface (but not really
"style") specific stuff.

If I'm talking nonsense, I'm referring to things like absolute
positioning & float & hidden etc.

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