[ZWeb] cvs.zope.org now uses Greg Stein's ViewCVS

Martijn Pieters mj@digicool.com
Fri, 8 Sep 2000 21:15:10 +0200


I installed ViewCVS on cvs.zope.org, and re-congifured Apache to see
cvs.zope.org as a separate Virtual Host, which rewrites it's root to serve
from viewcvs.cgi. This means that the URL http://cvs.zope.org/ will put
you into a view of the Zope CVS root.

ViewCVS has several advantages over CVSWeb:

  - It is written in Python, not Perl ;)
  - It is actively maintained and extended

  - It supports advanced CVS query facilities like blame annotations:


  - optional colour coding (syntax highlighting) 


  - optional Mozilla Bonsai like queries (searches for checkins on certain
    dates, by certain people, on keywords, on branches, regular expression
    searches, etc. Not yet on cvs.zope.org)

Most syntax highlighting is done by GNU Enscript:
Python code is highlighted with py2html:


I prefer the Enscript output for Python, but there seems to be something
wrong with Enscript and Python files; I can't get any output. I don't know
enough about the machine cvs.zope.org is hosted on, I think some things
need upgrading. If it is a Redhat based machine, we could use a RPM
distribution of GNU Enscript instead, maybe that would solve the problem.
Could Codeit help here?

Also, in order to support the Bonsai like queries we would have to upgrade
the python installation on the machine to version 1.5.2 (is 1.5.1 right
now), and install MySQL (>= 3.22) and Andy Dustman's MySQLdb (>= 1.12).
Again, we may need Codeit's help here?

ViewCVS comes with scripts to set up the database and load up all checkin
information from the current repository. For every checkin a script will
have to run from there on out to keep the database in sync. I am not sure
if this is possible if checkins take place on Korak. Ken?

Next to all this, I also changed the annoying redirect from 'zope.org' to
'yyy.zope.org' to a redirect to 'www.zope.org'. This was long overdue.

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