[ZWeb] Oops, missed something

mindlace mindlace@digicool.com
Thu, 21 Sep 2000 12:51:17 -0400

Tom Deprez wrote:
> Hi,
> Sorry! I missed an important piece here. I signed me in for helping on the
> documentation part of Zope.org, but didn't knew I had to be on this list. I
> was already asking myself how or when I would get contacted. Thanks to Maik
> for bringing to this list.

> Ok, can somebody give me a short explenation of what already is discussed
> concerning the documentation part of Zope.org?

aside from my email about the technical issues, and paul's original email, there hasn't been much discussion.  

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 In one, the environment is harshly inimical to humans: 
 in the other, the inverse is true.»