[ZWeb] are there any bay area zope users groups? I would like to host jobs for zope.org, but it is already taken

zope@GNUJobs.Com zope@GNUJobs.Com
Mon, 25 Sep 2000 11:05:43 -0400 (EDT)


I would like to do two things, 
1. Start a Zope Uses Group in the Bay Area, if there already isn't one. 
2. Host jobs for zope.org at GNUJobs.com. I contacted the original
   guy who made a jobs board, so it might not be necessary. I am letting
	non-profit companies/websites post jobs for free. If interested,
	sned me email. 

Are there any zope Users Groups in the Bay Area? I didn't see any on 
Zope.org. Perhaps I am blind. I can't believe there isn't one. 

I actually had a Zope job for a month. 
I haven't touched in since then, but I want to keep my skills up and
find a reason for using Zope, such as putting Zope at GNUJobs.com
just to run the jobs board for zope.org. 

So is there a group in the Bay Area? If not, I would like to start one.