[ZWeb] Problems with /acl_users

Martijn Pieters mj@digicool.com
Tue, 26 Sep 2000 11:24:23 +0200

I can't list all the usernames in /acl_users anymore:

Error type:  AttributeError
Error value: 'BTreeItems' object has no attribute 'sort'

Traceback (innermost last):
  (Snipped to relevancy)
  File /usr/local/dc/Zope2/lib/python/AccessControl/User.py, line 681, in user_names
    (Object: RoleManager)
  File /usr/local/dc/Zope2/lib/python/AccessControl/User.py, line 729, in getUserNames
    (Object: RoleManager)
AttributeError: (see above)

It seems that someone changed the BTree implementation used in the user
folders. I tried to change the domains field for a certain user, and
because the return action of that method shows you all users, I can't do
it through the web.

If I use the Monitor to do it, and try and commit the changes, Zope hangs.
get_transaction().commit() never returns.

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