[ZWeb] Zope.org CE Proposal

kamon ayeva kayeva@hotmail.com
Thu, 26 Apr 2001 08:02:02 -0000


Any news about the Zope.org Collaboration Enhancement proposal ?
After a quick discussion on Zopezen.org (see 
http://www.zopezen.org/ZopeZen/SDot/987780754), I added the following 
comment to the proposal at dev.zope.org and thought I would get a feedback 
from you on this list:

"I propose to have all bits of usefull / useability oriented / examples 
information centralized in a Zope cookbook on Zope.org (as the Python 
cookbook on ASPN). I think Tips, Snippets and Scripts should be merged in a 
single content type (just call it Snippet) to fill this cookbook. The 
problem is that currently a lot of people have scripts, example external 
methods, etc... in their personal folders. It would be better to have that 
centralized in a place where they are categorized, and automatically 
available to the community. The snippet object should have the following 
properties: Originator, Category, Title, Requirements (like the list of 
products you need on Zope to make this script/solution work), Explanatory 
text, Code. Then people can add Comment to the snippet, or Alternative. 
Alternative would only hold the props: Originator, Requirements, Code, 
Explanatory (maybe optional). With this proposal we get collaboration 
enhanced, more visibility on people's contributions, and code examples on 
Zope.org are more in context. For example, you get all solutions and tips 
for making a sitemap at the same place. I also suspect people would prefer 
this format to the howto format because we are all too busy to write full 
howtos these days. Another issue is we need to migrate existing content to 
this new area of Zope.org (if/when it is built): existing tips could 
probably be migrated using a script or conversion mean, then we can migrate 
existing snippets (who already use the idea of this proposal) from 
ZDP.zope.org, and people would themselves start contributing whith content 
they have in various places."

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