[ZWeb] getting it done

Alexander Limi alexander@limi.net
Mon, 3 Dec 2001 00:14:09 +0100

Paul Everitt wrote:

> I like Plone.  I think we need a variation on Plone that, from the
> perspective of colors etc., is more similar to the existing tone of
> zope.org.  But I also want to allow people to choose Plone (or other

The colors in Plone will be selectable (at least that's the plan :), so I
can make a zope.org-looking color scheme as one of the options if you want
it. Just let me know.

Also, Plone will go through a pretty important change in this week, I'll let
you know when it's done. You are going to like it ;)

(Just a quick comment, I'm off to a job interview ;)

-- Alexander (Dracvl on #zope)

PS: isn't it time someone fixed is so irc.zope.org actually works? Newbies
to IRC won't look for alternative servers. Just a thought :)