[ZWeb] Getting it done redux

Paul Everitt paul@zope.com
Sun, 02 Dec 2001 19:05:17 -0500

seb bacon wrote:

> I've gone over the mails from the last few days, and I've come up with
> the following overview (without credits to those who've contributed,
> sorry).  If anyone objects to me being bossy please shout me down.
> 1.  Organisation
>     - people who will contribute regular time.
>     - some form of project management.
>     - realistically, we may need to explore ways of getting paid for
>       contributions (creative billing of clients, for example).
>     - community feedback on proposals in single-click surveys.
>     - involve key ZC people directly.
>     - Paul needs sysadmins
>     - Achievable first goal
>     - need to be willing to hassle and be hassled

Bing!  Sounds good.

> Paul has suggested a directory of personnel.  I propose starting one
> off in a wiki (sorry ;)) and looking at moving it elsewhere later.
> Let's get an idea of the skills we have as a group.   Most important
> are (a) that you only put your name up if you're willing to contribute
> a minimum amount of time a week, (b) you give a list of the things
> you'd like to do.  Then we can discuss roles and overlaps and things.
> Assuming this is OK, could anyone willing to commit time and skills
> to the 'kickstart the community' project add their details at:
>  http://dev.zope.org/Wikis/DevSite/Proposals/PeopleWhoCanContribute
> I know Casey Duncan, Lennart Regebro and Alan Runyan have all said
> they could dedicate some time, so far.  I've put myself in.

I'm in.

> Paul, could you arrange for anyone with an interest at ZC to do the same?

Matt Burleigh, our sysadmin for all seasons, emailed me expressing 
interest.  He's critical -- he has the keys to the kingdom, so to speak, 
and has an interest in participating on this team.  He'll need some 
people to chip in on sysadmin, though -- or rather, zopeadmin (burping 
the baby things when it has gas).

> Once we've got a group of people together, I'd suggest we sort out a
> chat on irc to discuss process, priorities, etc.  End of the week,
> maybe. 

Oh come on, I was thinking tomorrow morning! :^)

> 2. Some Commonly Requested Features / Ideas
>    - better documentation
>      - better howtos
>      - use zopelabs for recipies
>      - someone has committed themselves to taking over the
>        documentation page on zope.org
>      - there should be a corner of zope.org devoted to research
>        materials, etc
>    - product packaging
>    - email notification systems
>    - unified collector / fishbowl?
>      - self-cleaning workflow
>      - collaborative editing
>      - can collect pre-proposal stage discussion
>      - delegation 
>    - sourceforge-like project areas
>      - in-place comments / discussions relating to products
>      - cvs trees
>      - collector for each one?
>    - Zope internationalization
>      - I feel this is not strictly to do with kickstarting the
>        community, but perhaps that's because I'm an anglophone?  Is
>        i18n of zope.org a prerequisite of getting a critical mass for
>        the community?
> Well, that's my summary.  Have I missed anything out?

I like the list.  However, I _implore_ us to pick an easy, quick 
success.  We need to get into the mode of working together and we need 
to convince others that we're going to do something most volunteers 
don't -- that is, produce something. :^)