[ZWeb] Priorities, agenda, #chat

Seb Bacon seb@jamkit.com
Wed, 5 Dec 2001 10:58:42 -0000

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From: <engelbert.gruber@ssg.co.at>
> the problem i have is not really a fishbowl problem but with all of zope
> i cannot find anything everything is somewhere down.

Exactly, IMO we need a very broad discussion about priorities across the
whole of zope.org.  We're building up a good list of people with time and
energy to devote to something.  The fishbowl is one thing which needs
improving among many.

I'm going to compile a new list of possible priorities today or tomorrow.
We could have some discussion about that on the list, perhaps a vote, set an
agenda, then have a live meet on #zope-web or similar at openprojects.  I'm
thinking early next week now, to give us time to develop the agenda, etc.
How would Monday at 1800 UTC be for everyone?

The goal could be to prioritise a list of things to do, then assign leaders
and supporters for the different aspects of each subproject.  Assuming this
is OK, if people could give their ideas about priorities in a very brief
format (without too much opinion, that should come later :), that would be
useful.  Here's my first stab at my personal list:

 - zope.org information architecture & requirements: who are the target
audiences?  how to structure available info so they can get in in 2 clicks?
(a lot of work has already been done on fishbowl for this)
 - zope.org information / asset inventory: what have we got?  what's
 - fishbowl / process
 - zope.org visual design
 - improving documentation further
 - members' areas: define purpose, scope out functionality
 - product directory: requirements; (sourceforge style?  voting?  ...)