[ZWeb] Newbie thoughts on zope.org re-org

Lennart Regebro lennart@regebro.nu
Wed, 5 Dec 2001 17:59:06 +0100

From: "Michael Twomey" <michael.twomey@sun.com>
> * I feel there is a very slight bias in Zope documentation to talk about
> how to code and design you own products rather than how to create a
> typical usable site by plugging together whats there.

You're correct. A tutorial for how to make a useful site with Zope would be
nice. If I just had the time... :-)

> Maybe this is due to a lack of "out of the box site" type products but
> starting with Zope I had to fight the feeling that I had to learn how to
> program/design with DTML and ZClasses just to put together a simple
> site.

DTML, yes. ZClasses or python is not needed, but if you don't learn DTML you
will not have any use of Zope at all.
Sure, you CAN use Zope as if it was a directory of files, but thats
overkill... :-)

(Now this does not anylinger have anything to do with Zope-web, so if
somebody feels that this needs more discussion, we should move it somewhere