[ZWeb] priorities and i18n

Robert Rottermann robert@redcor.ch
Wed, 5 Dec 2001 19:36:11 +0100

In one of Seb's compilation I found i18n as one of the points to take care
of in our new efforts to explode Zope's market share. Together with the note
was the question whether it is really necessary at this point in time to
deal with that aspect.

I think it is the time!

- If Zope is to grow 10x big part (60+%) of that will be achieved in non
Anglophone countries.
- This will not happen without easily and permanently translated Zope
version. Permanently means after updating from CVS or similar.
- A great number of potential Zope developers/users (far over 50%) shy away
from Zope because of the language barrier.
- Us that do not shy away spend a considerable amount of time translating
and retranslating and testing after updating what we will translate tomorrow