[ZWeb] Newbie thoughts on zope.org re-org

Adrian Hungate adrian@haqa.co.uk
Wed, 5 Dec 2001 22:45:10 -0000

alan runyan said:
> > * I'm still having problems finding Products/howtos. They are presented
> > as far too long a list and aren't easily searchable. Its a bit
> > frustrating to search for a product, download it, try it out for a
> > while, run into a problem, search the lists and find that the product
> > has been replaced by something else (ok extreme example).
> not really an extreme example.  but I believe having some sort of
> system could help out.  we should come up with a Zope OOTB Certified label
> that can be put on Products that can be installed w/o programming
> intervention.  I have always been a fan of 'certifying' products.
> Especially when it comes to RDBMS -- which Postgres Adapter should I use?
> This could also lead to people being more organized on, 'things to do to
> make this product OOTB certified'  .... just throwing out ideas

Ok, it must be this cold medication, but my brain is running clearer than
usual at the moment (or something).

A comment here made me think of my own product set on the current
www.zope.org where I have one product (PatchKit) that includes and
completely replaces another (TextConvert), but for historical completeness,
and because others might find the code interesting, instructional (or at
least very amusing) I want to keep TextConvert online. I have added a
property to my products, and written a page to distinguish between current
and obsoleted products, but it would be very useful to both product authors,
and product browsers/uesrs to see:
1) If a product is current or obsoleted
2) What product(s) have replaced this one

I assume this would be done within the Products Product (If you see what I
mean), but I have not see the code so I don't know what would be involved...

My thoughts would be something like a select list of all your products with
the word <NONE> at the top labled something like "Obsoleted by" or "Replaced

Just a medication induced thought :)


Adrian Hungate

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