[ZWeb] Some fishbowl work

Simon Michael simon@joyful.com
Wed, 05 Dec 2001 22:56:10 -0800

Hi Ken,

Ken Manheimer <klm@zope.com> writes:
>  2. Adapt simon michael's ZWiki email notification mechanisms to zope.org
>     WikiForNow wikis.
>     Disadvantages:
>     - It applies only to wikis

which might be fine if 99% of your discussion/documentation takes
place on some flavor of wiki page.. which I think is reasonable,

I mean, speaking for myself, just a user, it's been a long time since
I've seen any tool I'd rather use for documentation & discussion,
except for (1) email, with which we have reached quite a usable meld,
and (2) real-time chat (which we should also integrate with more
closely). Whether it's called wiki or not, I am liking: minimal
barriers to editing; choice of web or email participation; executable
content (programmability) if possible; maximum leverage from one
versatile content object as opposed to several kinds..

In case it's unclear to anyone reading, I am certainly not talking
about prolonging the current fishbowl setup, or any particular
existing wiki setups really, many of which have the problems we know
about. I think we are all (other communities) groping to find the new
structures and processes to solve this problem. It's a complexity
management problem, of documentation, discussion and workflows.

Or, these are just my befuddled late-night ravings. Let me know. :)

>     - It would not be appropriate for the CMF - tres is clear that
>       content should not directly bring in dependency on incidental stuff
>       (like email faculties).

I felt the same way about not disturbing web-based wiki editing, so
the email stuff is strictly optional, within a try-except, etc.  But
maybe I'm not understanding the problem here.

I'll enjoy hearing your further thoughts and investigations.
Something good always seems to come out.