[ZWeb] Newbie thoughts on zope.org re-org

Lennart Regebro lennart@regebro.nu
Thu, 6 Dec 2001 19:41:36 +0100

From: "Michael Twomey" <michael.twomey@sun.com>

> 1. Are we agreed for the need for Out of the box solutions?

Uhm. No. It would be nice, but it will take a huge amount of effort, and I
frankly don't see the use of it, unless the solutions are EXTREMELY
configurable, which makes the effort needed go from huge to gargantuan. :-)

What is needed is a tutorial on how to build a web-site with core-zope only,
so people can get results fast without needing to grok all of Zope. But such
a tutorial would contain no design at all, the design would be completely up
to the user, which isn't possible with the types of sites above, because of
the large amount of features and programming a userinterface would need
there. A site with a common page design and automatic menus is easy to do
with core-Zope when you know how to do it.

Nother tutorial that would bee needed as a "step 2" is a "How to set up a
good development environment for Zope", which would be the next step after
making your first site.