[ZWeb] Newbie thoughts on zope.org re-org

Robert Rottermann robert@redcor.ch
Thu, 6 Dec 2001 21:18:47 +0100

I have this idea which has been creeping into my brains ..

I need to have my companies site redesigned. It was done some in a time when
I did not know how to spell Zope.
I would like to build it on top of CMF. However it should not show it.

Our site is outdated, however we are not really in a hurry.

So we could make it something that could be used as a OOTB solution.
Nothing configurable but something "real world" and documented.

If you want to have a look what we want to replace
It is in German, however we want to make it at least German/French

Just loud thinking ..


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> From: "Michael Twomey" <michael.twomey@sun.com>
> > 1. Are we agreed for the need for Out of the box solutions?
> Uhm. No. It would be nice, but it will take a huge amount of effort, and I
> frankly don't see the use of it, unless the solutions are EXTREMELY
> configurable, which makes the effort needed go from huge to gargantuan.
> What is needed is a tutorial on how to build a web-site with core-zope
> so people can get results fast without needing to grok all of Zope. But
> a tutorial would contain no design at all, the design would be completely
> to the user, which isn't possible with the types of sites above, because
> the large amount of features and programming a userinterface would need
> there. A site with a common page design and automatic menus is easy to do
> with core-Zope when you know how to do it.
> Nother tutorial that would bee needed as a "step 2" is a "How to set up a
> good development environment for Zope", which would be the next step after
> making your first site.
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