[ZWeb] Feedback Please!

Paul Everitt paul@zope.com
Fri, 07 Dec 2001 06:58:30 -0500

seb bacon wrote:


> I'm planning on doing some crystallizing today.  My thoughts keep
> changing over time but right now I'm thinking the salient elements are:
>   - FishbowlForNow (ken's project)
>   - FishbowlForThen (ideas about the ideal fishbowl & collector)
>   - ZopeOrgReorg (info architecture, design)
>   - ProductManagement
>   - I18n
> are the most important things.

I have one that falls under "preparation".  Namely, we take a dry run on 
how this is all going to happen.

Tres says that Martijn will take the new.zope.org CVS stuff and move it 
to a place where others can do checkins without executing a CVS 
contributor agreement.

Once this is in place, people can do a checkout and tinker with 
new.zope.org on their own system.  We should then go through the process 
of getting a short list of people to make a short list of changes, then 
cycle everybody's changes into new.zope.org.

These changes would be very minor, non-disruptive, non-controversial, 
pre-agreed-upon changes.  The goal wouldn't be the change.  Rather, the 
goal would be to test our ability to work collaboratively.

At the same time, we can setup a skin folder to allow mockups and 
templating of new work.

> Do you agree?  Which one would you like to concentrate on?  I suggest
> you pick one, and then start summarising any discussions we've had so
> far from on the lists, etc.  Look through the archives too.  Then look
> at the people who've expressed an opinion and see if they've committed
> time, and build a list of potential supporters.

I propose that anybody proposing an item needs to agree to be the 
shepherd for that item.  Being a shepherd needs to be some work:

   o Write up a quick proposal and put it in the wiki

   o Setup an IRC appointment

   o Put a log of the IRC session in the Wiki

   o Report back to us on what's planned to be done

> I'm most interested in ZopeOrgReorg, so I'll be looking at that later
> today.  If that's your interest, let me know and we can collaborate more
> closely. Each area should have a community project leader, a ZC
> 'client', and then supporters as required (designers, coders).

Sounds good.