[ZWeb] address OOTB as a collection of Products

Trevor Toenjes zope@toenjes.com
Fri, 7 Dec 2001 11:35:54 -0500

For those supporting the OOTB idea...
As a product, this is way too ambitious for the current situation.

Why not put this thought process into some helpful documentation to help
users build their first Zope quickly?
Start with identifying the top Products that Zopesters add-on to Zope to get
full web functionality and ease-of-development.
A "TOP 10" most used product would help.  Use the rating feature from the
"Products" section to show what is hot.

Use this as a "suggested starting point" for Newbie's to accelerate
This could become a whole usability section of zope.org that ties into the
Products Management area.
I could have used something like this 6 months ago, instead of spending
hours surfing zope.org searching for useful products.

Suggestions might be...

* Use ZPT ASAP!!
* start writing Python scripts ASAP, instead of only DTML_Methods.(I am
still weaning myself)
* Use ZSQL Methods (and understand when to use ZODB and a RDB)
* use VHM/SiteAcess immediately (don't point your first site to Zope-root. I
did and had to redo everything later.)
* use Formulator.
* dont make everything DTML_Documents (I did and now I hardly use them).
* install Squishdot just to see how a simple dicusssion product can work
* a product for photos (I have no interest in this but it seems others do)
* Improve your Z-Performance with Caching (We need more clarity on caching.
I still dont get it.)
* How about User Management suggestion to build your first password
protected function quickly.

Many newbies are hackers, and do well to follow suggestions, good how-tos,
and code snippets.  But hate reading lengthy documentation.  Learn as you

Let's help accelerate the adoption of Zope with productivity tips to lower
the Zope's infamous "steep learning curve"  and set the hooks with "cool
At least make them dangerous faster.  :D

This might be a good discussion to "flush out" best-of-breed practices
within the Zope community to help us all improve collectively.


fyi-try "Zopesters" in M$ Spellcheck ... Molesters.   ha ha.  :)