[ZWeb] [PM] ProductManager Wiki -- "Open for busy-ness"

Trevor Toenjes zope@toenjes.com
Fri, 7 Dec 2001 17:54:06 -0500

Based on Seb's initial list of to-do's, I have kickstarted the
ProductManager part.
Those interested in participating, please raise right hand...so we can see
them.  :)


Though I started the wiki, I  will certainly not finish it.  I may have left
out some of the great requirements and details from the previous related
threads.  Please make sure your input is on the wiki and add your name to
the Volunteer list at the bottom of the wiki.

Who is the ZC sponsor for this proposal and those at ZC that can
warn/participate/mentor the team of issues based on managing this for years?
There are obvious concerns that ZC has as they have tried to move to a CMF
based new.zope.org.  Migrating wikis, methods, etc...

Details can be hashed out on the mail-list.  Until we need our own email
list, please start your emails with [PM], so we can find them faster amid
the other sister zope-web projects.  or tell me to go fly-a-kite.

"Succeed Early!  Succeed Often!"  This requires controlling scope and taking
baby steps.

(disclaimer: This is an equal opportunity proposal.  No offense to
right-hand challenged bi-peds or to sight challenged netizens.
Please send kites to:  Trevor Toenjes, PO Box...)