[ZWeb] Another Silly Idea and Pkg Mgmt

alan runyan alan runyan" <runyaga@runyaga.com
Mon, 10 Dec 2001 03:08:03 -0600

Things NOT To Do With Your Zope.

there is tons of documentation out there, but knowing what NOT TO DO with
ZOPE when you are designing something is just as important as HOW-TO do
something.  I suggest this be incorporated.

Next phase, who is going to start kicking people in the ass and bossing
people around?  I dont have much time, but I can spend it if you point me in
the right direction.  as far as Product Management is concerned.  I dont see
why we arent testing out TheJesters Product Manager.  I have and gave him


what I honestly suggest.  is either someone step up with a commitment to
produce a package manager.  or we toss in some paypal cash and pay AKM for
development of the ProductManager.  I can toss in $250.  If we can get a
commitment and narrow the scope down -- I think TJ would be more than happy
to get paid to do what he does alot for free -- develop a cool ZOPE Product.

Think of this as killing 2 birds with 1 stone.  It serves the immediate need
right this second to lower the bar on people installing products. It also
provides a working prototype for hte Zope3 people addressing
PackageMangement (they undoubtly have oodles of work to do) and any work we
can get DONE (the sooner the better) they can learn from on their next

if there is some money ponied up for Package Manager.  I say we
immediately start on a website (we can use metazope for it in the beginning,
then fold it into main zope.org?)
to centralize the package information (use
metazope for this initiative).  TJ's package manager is compeltely
independant of the Product its describing.   think about this as a PBS style
approach.  all of us are *way* too busy to dedicate time to something as
intense as this.  why not just pony up 50$ each (or 100 if you are a nice
company ;) and get everyones names down.