[ZWeb] DISCUSS: Planning for Seb's ZopeReorg chat

Paul Everitt paul@zope.com
Mon, 10 Dec 2001 16:30:06 -0500

Howdy.  Martijn and I are trying to get some homework done before Seb's 
chat tomorrow.  Here's a brain dump of items that are pretty specific to 
the topic:

1) Issue management.  There is going to be a fair amount of ideas 
generated, tasks to do, bugs reported, etc.  There are currently a 
number of places where this is being collected.  I propose that during 
the interim we setup a collector at collector.zope.org with some useful 
Categories (skin, content, functionality, migration machinery, 
navigation, packages, etc. from the old one).  I propose that we decide 
in tomorrow's IRC: how do issues get assigned to people, who are the 
people, how do we report status info to Zope News, etc.

2) Home page.  There are currently a number of places where evidence of 
a new zope.org resides.  I propose we combine everything into the 
official hangout for ZopeReorg.  I propose that we create an area 
(perhaps even a Wiki :^) at www.zope.org/Resources/ZopeReorg/.  The page 
pointed to here will answer the following questions:

   o What are the goals of ZopeReorg?

   o Where are the requirements, functional specs, and information
   architecture documents?

   o Who is on the team and what is the contact info for everyone?

   o How can I contribute?

   o Where do I see mockups/prototypes and how do I file issues?

3) We at ZC will provide a compendium of all the existing artifacts 
before tomorrow's meeting, including a status.

4) We will also make sure that all existing tracker/collector issues 
scattered hither and yon are cancelled and located in the new, official 

Regarding ZC and opening up the new.zope.org process, here's what we'd 
love to see in the coming weeks:

1) ZC does a reasonable job of conveying the state of what's been done, 
and then decisions are made and a roadmap developed.

2) If the current new.zope.org project is retained, then we open the 
portal_skins folder on new.zope.org to others.  This is an excellent way 
to prototype and make specific progress without a lot of preparatory 
work getting in the way.  People can work in isolation on better 
information architectures, etc.  We can install Plone (when Alex has his 
new version ready) and we can see how well it can be adapted to the 
style and goals of new zope.org.

3) If that proves successful, we can then talk about providing CVS 
checkouts for zope.org.  People can build their own sandboxes for all 
the machinery and accomplish specific tasks.