[ZWeb] HELP: Taking over a piece of software

Andy McKay andym@ActiveState.com
Mon, 10 Dec 2001 14:28:32 -0800

I needed this exact peice of software for ASPN yesterday. I was going to
write my own. I'll happily take a look and see if I can take this to where I
need it and hopefully likewise for new.zope.org.

  Andy McKay.

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> Howdy.  Here's a call for help that is concrete and involves managing
> software.  It's a creampuff of an opportunity to contribute on
> Here's the deal.  Pretend the current new.zope.org winds up being the
> starting point for the ultimate new.zope.org (we'll know more tomorrow).
>   There's a piece of software used that is similar to Redirector, but
> not quite the same thing.  It was written to solve specific problems for
> migrating old zope.org content to new zope.org.
> We need someone to pick this up and maintain it as part of the new
> zope.org, again, presuming we continue along this path.
> Here's a rough description from Andreas Jung (the author) and Martijn
> Pieters (who's currently sitting on the egg):
> """
> - Redirector is placed at the base of the URL to be redirected. If
>    you want to redirect /foo/bar/*, you create a 'bar' Redirector
>    in Folder 'foo'.
> - Rewriter will be placed in the root folder, and is considered
>    a service.   It'll maintain a tree of URLs to redirect. When
>    a redirect is needed, the service is directky invoked
>    (via __call__) and the rewriter will deduce from the
>    REQUEST object what the requested URL was and invoke that
>    URL. The idea is to make this call from standard_error_message.
> So for a site with lots of redirects, lots of Rewriters need to be
> instantiated. Rewriter let's you manage this centrally, but it
> needs to be invoked explicitely from standard_error_message.
> """
> So, the ideal solution is for someone to pick this software up, figure
> out how it works, and release it as a Zope Product.
> --Paul
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